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Scottish Bridge Union

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Due to a family holiday in New Zealand I will be slow in reacting to input; this situation will last until the end of the month - my apologies to all.
Bill Whyte

Welcome to the SBU Membership and Master Point Admin Database (MEMPAD).

With immediate effect most MP correspondence (#) should be sent ...

************** by EMAIL ... to

************** by POST ... to SBU Dept #16; 196 Rose St; Edinburgh; EH2 4AT

# NB....."MP correspondence" includes the submission of paper certificates by SBU members.

HOWEVER, club officials, when purchasing MP licenses or certificates (paper or electronic) should contact ......... Pat Lennon whose contact details are available in the 'MP Certificate Purchase form' stored under the tab 'MP Notices'.

Please note that the MP claim form is now available on this site; just go to the "MP NOTICES" tab - it is the first item on the list and you can print it.

Other useful information can be found under the MP NOTICES tab.

We appreciate feedback (+ve or -ve), every complaint is a gift! .... here.

To visit the main SBU Information website, please click here.