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Scottish Bridge Union (SBU)

20th July 2020

The FREE tournament open to all SBU members on BBO on 15th July was won convincingly by Grant Harrower and Iain Taylor, both from the Stirling & Union club. Vouchers will be in the post shortly.

Bill Whyte

11 July 2020

** We have had serious technical issues with Mempad.
** However the system is now stable.
** We are also satisfied there has not been a security breach. 
** There are sporadic data errors associated with club memberships.
** And with master club records.
** Members can update their personal data without problems.
** If a member finds their club membership details incorrect;
** Please do not worry, these are in the process of being rectified.
** This may take a week or so because it will be manual work.
** Club secretaries are asked to inform us of any anomalies. 

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Any queries, please send them to our masterpoints email address.



SBU-BBO events have a "Partnership Desk" where you can be listed as seeking a partner. Single players and also pairs willing to "hang around" in order to substitute in the event of a half-table, or players being cut off, are much appreciated.


Upcoming Events in the SBU Virtual Club

Every Tuesday at 7 pm - 24 boards of match-pointed Pairs; 

Saturday 20th June at 7 pm for 6 weeks - 'Lockdown' Swiss Pairs: Details

All proceeds will be used to fund the training of club and district online tournament directors

Instructions for finding SBU events on BBO:

From the BBO home page:
click on Competitive,
then All Tournaments,
then type 'SBU' in the search box - or scroll down to find the tournament.

The tournament description will appear 2 hours before the start time and you can then register, provided your partner is also online

Please remember that registrations are only accepted from those who have provided their BBO username in advance.  These now are being collected on MEMPAD.  Even if you filled in the 'form' previously, please check it and update via Mempad.

Log in to Mempad, Click on the 'My Contacts' tab, then select the 'edit' tab.  Scroll down and then fill in your BBO user name in the relevant box. Click Save.  Please DO NOT add any spaces at beginning or end of your BBO username. Two players cannot have the same BBO username. Make sure you record your exact BBO Username on Mempad.

To purchase BBO$, with the minimum of expense, use the following link Buy BBO$   
Be aware that other routes to purchase BBO $ (e.g. the BBO App or via ApplePay) may incur additional charges.


27th July 2018
The SBU holds personal contact data belonging to its members inside MEMPAD on this security-enhanced website. It does this on the legal basis (as defined by the GDPR) that it is necessary to hold this data for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a membership organisation. 

A full explanation of the SBU Privacy Policy is available on the SBU information website at .....

Questions and further explanations can be obtained by sending an email to


Looking for a table of the ranking structure showing points needed for each rank?
Then click on the "MP Notices" tab to see the full details.

This listing defines eligibility for BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD events. Even if a promotion occurs after the latest publication,  players are still entitled to enter ranked competitions based on their status as shown on the latest published list

In ranked competitions, an eligible player may play with a partner who has a lower rank.



Please send ALL Masterpoints and Membership correspondence
and cheques to ...
George Plant  
SBU Treasurer

21/5 Falcon Road West
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***** by email ... to  after removing the year digits.

We appreciate feedback (+ve or -ve), every complaint is a gift! .... here.

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