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Scottish Bridge Union (SBU)

1st April 2020

[ No, this is not what you might think! LOL ]

In the current difficult situation, which brought about the closure of bridge clubs, the SBU is considering what it can do to provide ongoing support to our members. Evidently the internet is the main tool in our tool-box.

However, the only practical way for the SBU volunteers to communicate with large numbers of members is by email, and there we have a problem. Currently, about 25% of our members have not shared their email address with us or we have been provided with an email address which is shared with another SBU member. Most website and databases insist on unique email addresses for reasons of security and practicality. At the launch of MEMPAD, now almost seven years ago, we took the conscious decision to allow shared email addresses, but this may now be a hindrance.

Members are asked to check their email address held on MEMPAD and update it where necessary.

Thank you.

Member Services

16th March 2020

Please visit the SBU website to see an important announcement from the President of the SBU.

Thank you.


3rd March 2020

Scorebridge Release 10.20.05 2nd March 2020

  • Minor corrections and enhancements

26th February 2020
Our Security Certificate had expired as of 17/2/2020 and we have now finally been able to re-establish the site-certificate, which is the little padlock icon top left on your browser address line on the screen of your computer, tablet or phone. The site was always secure, just that we could not prove it to browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc. Now we are OK for the next two years and also have full instructions on how to do the update ourselves. Apologies to any members unable to access the Mempad site. 

P.S. If you are still having problems, clean out your browser cookies and try again.

6th January 2020

Happy New Year to all SBU members!

The latest ranking list of active SBU members is available under the tab "MP Notices".

9th October 2019

Club Treasurers are encouraged to send payments for SBU memberships to the SBU Treasurer, either by cheque or preferably direct to the SBU bank a/c. When writing a cheque please make it out to "The Scottish Bridge Union" in full. 

Club Treasurers are also encouraged to top-up their store of MP credits on Mempad (still £22 per 100 certificates) so as to cover the next 6 month's usage. Both these measures would reduce the workload of our volunteers. ..Thank you.

17th September 2019

Conversion of historic Local BLUE Points to National (red) Points will take place during September. Since this may lead to a number of promotions, a new ranking list will be produced as at end September for use in upcoming ranking events.

3rd September 2019

A new season dawns, fresh hopes, new plans, hope springs eternal, this season it will be better! 

Two good competitions to enter in September, the Stirling Pairs and the Edwin Berry Bowl Teams, and also watching how out Scottish Lassies do in the VeniceCup in China - September will be a good month for bridge in Scotland.

19th March 2019

Payment by cheque to the SBU from members/clubs/districts is still of course welcomed, but please make out any cheques to "Scottish Bridge Union" in full words. Our bank is insisting on this. In future, any cheques made out to "SBU" risk being rejected. We much prefer payment by internet banking, provided that there is an adequate reference. It helps bookkeeping if payments are not merged, one payment for one activity - please.

NB. You are reminded that the POSTBOX in Rose Street Edinburgh is now closed, please address payments and correspondence to the SBU Treasurer (see below).

Cheques, MP certificates and other Member Services correspondence should only be sent to ...
George Plant - SBU
21/5 Falcon Road West
EH10 4AD

27th July 2018
The SBU holds personal contact data belonging to its members inside MEMPAD on this security-enhanced website. It does this on the legal basis (as defined by the GDPR) that it is necessary to hold this data for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a membership organisation. 

A full explanation of the SBU Privacy Policy is available on the SBU information website at .....

Questions and further explanations can be obtained by sending an email to


Looking for a table of the ranking structure showing points needed for each rank?
Then click on the "MP Notices" tab to see the full details.

This listing defines eligibility for BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD events. Even if a promotion occurs after the latest publication,  players are still entitled to enter ranked competitions based on their status as shown on the latest published list

In ranked competitions, an eligible player may play with a partner who has a lower rank.



Please send ALL Masterpoints and Membership correspondence
and cheques to ...
George Plant  
SBU Treasurer

21/5 Falcon Road West
EH10 4AD

***** by email ... to  after removing the year digits.

We appreciate feedback (+ve or -ve), every complaint is a gift! .... here.

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