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10 Feb 2016.

Most national and district events as well as all congresses (non-club events) are now being centrally master-pointed and thus being recorded directly on MEMPAD. Paper points should therefore disappear by the end of this season.

"New member Requests" pending as at Feb 9 are zero.

Postal point submissions received have been processed up to .... 31 Dec 2015.
Due to high workload these are being given a low priority.

Recent major events updated are ...
Bobby Allan Mixed Pairs Sims
Winter Swiss Teams

Club electronic MP files received have been processed as at ... 8 Feb 2016.
The most recent club to convert to electronic file transfers are ...
Clubs close to the change-over are ...
Clubs preparing to do so are ....

ECATS scored events (Charity events and Celtic Pairs) are delayed, but will be brought up-to-date during February.

MP correspondence (including remaining paper points) should be sent ...

************** by POST ... to SBU Dept #16; 196 Rose St; Edinburgh; EH2 4AT

************** by email to

Please note that the MP claim form is now available on this site; just go to the "MP NOTICES" tab - it is the first item on the list and you can print it.

HOWEVER, club officials, when purchasing MP licenses or certificates (paper or electronic) should contact Pat Lennon. His contact details are available in the 'MP Certificate Purchase form' stored under the tab 'MP Notices'.

Other useful information can be found under the MP NOTICES tab.

We appreciate feedback (+ve or -ve), every complaint is a gift! .... here.

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