Membership and Master Point Administration Database

Scottish Bridge Union (SBU)

1st December 2016:

Welcome to the "SBU Membership and Master Point Admin Database" (MEMPAD).

A Players ranking list (as at 1/9/2016) is available under the MP Notices tab. 
This list will determine qualification for ranked events until 1/12/2016. 


Please send ALL MP correspondence (including paper certificates and all MP payments)

Points certificates received at Rose St have been processed, as of 1/11/2016.

***** by 2nd class post ... to SBU Dept #16; 196 Rose St; Edinburgh; EH2 4AT
***** by email ... to 'masterpoints' then the 'at' sign and then ''.

No further data or payments should be sent to Pat Lennon.

For various forms and other basic information go to the tab "MP Notices".

*** The latest version of Scorebridge is 10.16.08, released on 20/09/2016. ***
*** This contains specific changes for SBU clubs, please install soonest. ***

Notice to club Treasurers: The 2016-17 membership year started 1st September.

SBU annual membership fee has changed from £6 to £7 for adults, juniors now £3.50.
Please write separate cheques for the Club Affiliation Fee (£17).

***** Member subscriptions are now overdue *****

LEAGUE POINTS 2015-16 season:
As previously announced League Master Points will be grouped by fully completed divisions for processing (in chronological order of receipt). This has now commenced for those completed divisions that have been received. Please note... nil returns are required.
Processed already are:
(A) East Fife Area League (all divs)
(B) Central District League (all divs)
(C) East District League (divs 1, 2 & 3)
(D) West District League (all divs)
(E) South District League (all divs)
(F) Perthire League (all divs)

Congress points, when submitted accurately to Alison Carmichael via "congresspoints" in conjunction with the domain "", are up-to-date.

CLUBS and DISTRICTS planning to run open congress-type events should request a license from the 'congresspoints' address (see above).  A printable notice bearing the license number and other details and instructions will then be provided.

We appreciate feedback (+ve or -ve), every complaint is a gift! .... here.

To visit the main SBU Information website, please click here.