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23rd May 2016

DUE to computer issues (personal and self-inflicted) there has been little activity in the past ten days. Normal service is resuming but slowly.

Members may find it interesting to look at the ranking hierarchy of the SBU with counts and distribution of active members by rank, as well as the points threshold for each rank.

Go to the MEMBER DATA menuu, then ...
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SBU Ranking Hierarchy


The SBU Master Points Policy Committee recently reviewed the rules for each National Event in terms of:-

A) is the maximum points awarded (depending upon participation level) still appropriate?
B) which kind of points should be awarded (National and/or Local Points)?
C) are awards comparable and consistent across all the SBU national events?
D) are we still in line with the other home unions?

Various changes are now planned for the 2016-17 season, entailing increases and decreases in the awards made, as well as other changes, but these changes will not be made before 1st Sept. In one case however the Winter Fours points have already been allocated according to new rules. This, generally, meant an increase in the points awarded.

As a result, the “Handbook of the Master Points Scheme” [HOTMPS] needs substantial revision, and will be re-published in time for the next season. Following this comprehensive review, processing of various national competitions can now take place.

SBU members should note that national events with club and/or district heats are not processed piecemeal. MP will be processed once a final is completed, as was the case for the National Pairs, whose final was held on 24/4/2016.

N.B League Points will also be grouped (by fully completed divisions) for processing, with the first deadline being May 1.
Subsequent completed divisional submissions will be processed after the vacation period.

MP correspondence (including remaining paper points) should be sent ...

************** by POST ... to SBU Dept #16; 196 Rose St; Edinburgh; EH2 4AT

************** by email to

Please note that the standard MP Claim form is available for downloading; just go to the "MP NOTICES" tab - it is the first item on the list.

HOWEVER, club officials, when purchasing MP licenses or certificates (paper or electronic) should contact Pat Lennon. His contact details are available in the 'MP Certificate Purchase form', also stored under the tab 'MP Notices'.

Other useful information can be found under the MP NOTICES tab.

We appreciate feedback (+ve or -ve), every complaint is a gift! .... here.

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