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Scottish Bridge Union (SBU)


As of today until the 31st August 2021, new SBU members (19946 onwards) will not be required to pay for the 2020-2021 season. This also applies to ex-members who are returning after a long absence.
NB. Long means long.


At an EGM on the 7th of March 2021, a motion was passed to reduce the adult membership fee for the 2021-2022 season to 8.00 GBP. This takes effect from 1st September 2021.


We recently had a number of problems when SBU members were refused entry to SBU-BBO events because they had not recorded their BBO user name on Mempad and therefore were not on the 'include' list.  The members concerned were 'surprised' because they have been playing in club events hosted on BBO with no hindrance.  This is because some Clubs have set up their own include lists and have not asked their members to add their BBO user name to their Mempad record.

Members are reminded that the BBO user name is now a critical element in our SBU procedures, and its absence generates an unnecessary workload for the volunteers who are trying to provide a good service. Life is trying enough without this added burden, so please check that your BBO user name is recorded on the "Contacts" page of your Mempad account.

Thank you.


The new Treasurer of the SBU, as of 1st September 2020, is Scott Macdonald.
He is an SBU member and a previous Treasurer of the New Melville Bridge Club.
We are very pleased to have such a highly qualified person with relevant professional experience in this position.

Club Treasurers, and indeed members, can make payments to the SBU for Master Point certificates, annual subscriptions and the like, via bank transfers. This is our preferred approach provided a clear reference is provided and payments are separated by type. However, cheques may be sent to Scott's home address, see the SBU website for the details.

SBU bank a/c details: Bank of Scotland:  80-06-83  00942229
Cheques should be written to  “
Scottish Bridge Union” in full. 


We appreciate feedback (+ve or -ve), every complaint is a gift!

Please send a message to masterpoints ... @ ... ...

To visit the main SBU Information website, please click here.


Upcoming Events in the SBU Virtual Club

Please look at the SBU website and this page particularly, if you wish to keep up-to-date with upcoming SBU online events.

Instructions for finding SBU events on BBO:

From the BBO home page:
click on Competitive,
then All Tournaments,
then type 'SBU' in the search box - or scroll down to find the tournament.

The tournament description will appear 2 hours before the start time and you can then register, provided your partner is also online

Please remember that registrations are only accepted from those who have provided their BBO username in advance.  These now are being collected on MEMPAD.  

Log in to Mempad, Click on the 'My Contacts' tab, then select the 'edit' tab.  Scroll down and then fill in your BBO user name in the relevant box. Click Save.  Please DO NOT add any spaces at beginning or end of your BBO username. Two players cannot have the same BBO username. Make sure you record your exact BBO Username on Mempad.

To purchase BBO$, with the minimum of expense, use the following link and use the left-hand side option which says "pay with credit card" ..... Buy BBO$   

Be aware that other routes to purchase BBO $ (e.g. the BBO App or via ApplePay) may incur additional charges.


27th July 2018
The SBU holds personal contact data belonging to its members inside MEMPAD on this security-enhanced website. It does this on the legal basis (as defined by the GDPR) that it is necessary to hold this data for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a membership organisation. 

A full explanation of the SBU Privacy Policy is available on the SBU information website at .....

Questions and further explanations can be obtained by sending an email to


Looking for a table of the ranking structure showing points needed for each rank?
Then click on the "MP Notices" tab to see the full details.

This listing defines eligibility for BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD events. Even if a promotion occurs after the latest publication, players are still entitled to enter ranked competitions based on their status as shown on the latest published list

In ranked competitions, an eligible player may play with a partner who has a lower rank.