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Scottish Bridge Union (SBU)

29th January 2019

The Scorebridge/Microsoft problem has now been resolved, and clubs are now able to resume the submission of XML files, provided they have updated Scorebridge to the latest level, which is now ... 10.19.02.

Please update Scorebridge before resuming file transmission.

28th January 2019

All postal correspondence with the mailbox in Rose St should cease.
Cheques, MP certificates and other Member Services correspondence should only be sent to ...
George Plant - SBU
21/5 Falcon Road West
EH10 4AD

22nd January 2019

Release 10.19.01 18th January 2019
Scorebridge has been updated - please update to this new release.

20th January 2019

As mentioned below, for some time we have been accepting all MP certificates irrespective of their age. Recently we received some certificates from 1989 (30 years ago!). In all probability the bottom drawers of SBU players are now empty. The last date for accepting paper points is 31st January.
From 1st February 2019 no paper points will be honoured (and an era will come to an end).

Sic transit gloria mundi.

Or in poetic terms ... "All that's fair must fade" ... [Thomas Moore]

20th January 2019

From the end of this month all correspondence should be sent to the SBU Treasurer and not to the postbox address at Rose St in Edinburgh. This includes Master Point paper certificates and cheques. The use of internet bank transfers is growing and the inflow of paper certificates has all but ceased.

The postal address to be used from February is ...
George Plant - SBU
21/5 Falcon Road West
EH10 4AD

13th October 2018

Scorebridge has been updated to correct a bug affecting SBU users.
Please update to the newest release which is 10.18.04.
However another bug means that if you have 10.18.03 installed then you are informed INCORRECTLY that you have the latest release. So please update irrespective of being told that you have the latest release. 

9th September 2018 
The latest three-monthly ranking listing is now available under the MP Notices tab, and also on the SBU main website.  In order to entice submission of any remaining "paper point certificates" we are accepting all paper certificates regardless of date when accompanied by a 'claim form''.

But hurry, this offer will not last for ever !!!!.

1st September 2018
The new season starts today!
New season, new hopes, new challenges - hope springs eternal!

27th July 2018
The SBU holds personal contact data belonging to its members inside MEMPAD on this security-enhanced website. It does this on the legal basis (as defined by the GDPR) that it is necessary to hold this data for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a membership organisation. 

A full explanation of the SBU Privacy Policy is available on the SBU information website at .....

Questions and further explanations can be obtained by sending an email to

19th June 2018 (updated 22/7/2018)
At the May 2018 AGM, motions were passed with the following effects ...

The SBU club affiliation fee for the new season of 2018-19 stays unchanged at £17 and thereafter in future years it will be reduced to zero.

The SBU membership fee for the new season of 2018-19 will be £9 per player, and for the season after (2019-20), will be £10. Thereafter the SBU Council intends to keep it stable for some years.

The SBU DIRECT membership fee of £20 rests unchanged for 2018-19, but will reduce to £13 for 2019-20 and will not include the magazine.

The SBU magazine subscription fee [£12 or £10 with S/O] remains unchanged for 2018-19.
MP certificates charges will not change (£22 per 100 certificates).

9th May 2018
GDPR requires that the SBU keeps your personal data safe and accurate (amongst other things). Please note the green padlock in your browser address box above (top left) - this guarantees a high level of security. Members can help us by checking their own data and amending where necessary - many hands make light work! 

25th April 2018
The General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] comes into force on 25th May 2018.
Information for members, clubs and districts will be available shortly on the SBU website.
Please check your personal data on MEMPAD is correct, including a valid email address. 


Looking for a table of the ranking structure showing points needed for each rank?
Then click on the "MP Notices" tab to see the full details.

This listing defines eligibility for BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD events. Even if a promotion occurs after the latest publication,  players are still entitled to enter ranked competitions based on their status as shown on the latest published list

In ranked competitions, an eligible player may play with a partner who has a lower rank.



Please send ALL Masterpoints and Membership correspondence
(including paper points and cheques) by 2nd class post ...
George Plant - SBU
21/5 Falcon Road West
EH10 4AD

***** by email ... to 

We appreciate feedback (+ve or -ve), every complaint is a gift! .... here.

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